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Rosebank Garage offering MOTs in Aberdeen

An MOT test determines if your vehicle meets the necessary standards for driving. Our MOT check therefore involves a thorough inspection of your vehicle, with all of the major parts checked for safety. Once we identify any fault with your vehicle we will notify you and discuss with you any repair costs.


Rosebank Garage offers MOT for cars and a wide range of commercial vehicles. We guarantee a hassle-free MOT check in the quickest possible time, at a price that's comfortable to you.

What does an MOT check involve?

We inspect all major parts of your vehicle during an MOT check that we conduct at our service centre in Aberdeen. Some specific parts of your vehicle that are checked include:

• Engine

• Lights

• Batteries

• Suspension

• Tyres

• Emission

• Steering

• Exhausts and more

Are you in need of an MOT?

We offer complete MOTs for vehicles in Aberdeen.